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We are a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to creating a brighter future for the autism community by making contributions to music and arts programs serving youth and adults living on the autism spectrum.


Our objective is to support individuals on the autism spectrum to develop a craft in music, film, and the multimedia arts that leads to employment in their given field of interest; keeping them free from isolation, depression, drug and alcohol addiction, incarceration, and suicide.


While many organizations fund scientific research, Rock Autism addresses the issues of people living with autism and their families today. We make contributions to exceptional educational and vocational programs, with a focus on music and creative arts. Rock Autism is affecting the local community by shifting the public eye to harsh realities people on the autism spectrum currently face like isolation, unemployment, drug addiction and incarceration. We attain our goals and visions by hosting concerts and benefit shows to raise funds for such programs and organizations.


  • To support high-quality creative arts programs that maximize the potential of people living on the autism spectrum through each life stage.
  • To reduce isolation and public naivete surrounding the autism community and increase positive social perspectives.
  • To expand creative arts programs serving people living with autism to include marketable skills and gain employment in varying artistic fields such as film, photography, animation, sound engineering and graphic design.
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