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Sonnyboy: A Raw Musical

A family mixed up in crime, drugs, music and autism.


A family of talented musicians are torn between chasing their dreams and facing a stark reality. Sonny, a gifted drummer, struggles with Autism and gets tangled up in a world of drugs and crime. A dark path, led by a drug lord who goes by the name of Edge, leads to the merciless pull of a trigger and a duel with death.

Max, the protector and passionate younger brother, has aspirations of becoming a rockstar but must learn a harsh life lesson and realize their code: family over everything. Marc, the once-raging rolling stone, now single father, must come to terms with his haunting past to learn nothing in life happens by chance.

Music is the family’s purpose and the glue that holds them together. A chance at the limelight is within reach, with an opportunity to perform in front of thousands, but first, each must find a way to confront and battle their inner demons.


First Act. The song that tells the story of a misguided soul, Sonny Muscato. An individual with autism who survived mental and physical abuse in assisted living facilities, addiction, incarceration, suicidal behaivor and being shot by a drunk off duty corrections officer. Sonny’s story challenged him and his family to defy the odds and fight back to create change and spark a movement.


First Act. Edge tries to convince Sonny to take drugs. The song exemplifies how everyone has a bad side they’re yearning to let out, and escape from being labelled “the problem.” Edge represents temptation and sin.

The Professor

First Act. Sonny’s first solo. Sonny walks into his room after an argument with Max and Marc about how they think he doesn’t understand life. He sings about how he is the one that is completely aware although he chooses to let people think otherwise. The song can best be described by the famous quote, “don’t judge a book by its cover.”

You're Mine

First Act. Sonny describes how drugs make him feel. Marc explains how he’ll lay it all on the line and sacrifice his own happiness for his kids to get them a better life. Max conveys his love for music. His tenacity and selfish drive to do anything to make it, may hurt the ones he loves.

Max's Piano Lullaby:

Second Act. Overcome with emotion after a fight with Marc and Sonny, Max roams the city and stumbles upon an old rustic piano. He plays a beautiful melody as a way to convey his emotions.


First Act: Valarie’s introduction moment.


First Act: Every musical’s signature song is when the main character gets knocked off their feet by the one they’re attracted to.


Second Act: Sonny roams the woods after he commits the worst crime.


Second Act: Sonny feels insecure about who he is and Jordan teaches him how to be proud of who you are. Embrace being weird and an outcast. F*** the people that don’t understand. Be loud and show off your colors.


First Act. Sonny wanders off to roam the streets of the city and meets the antagonist of the musical. A drug dealer by the name of Edge. The two bump into each other after gunshots are fired and Edge convinces Sonny to hide something for him. The song is Edge’s introduction to lure Sonny into his way of life of crime, drugs and “freedom,” from society.


Second Act. Sonny is in jail. At first, Sonny is scared but he’s welcomed by his cellmate , EZ, who treats him as an equal and relates to Sonny. The song is sung by them and their fellow prisoners – demonstrating how everyone is fighting their internal demons. If you take a closer look you realize that some people are victims of their own minds.

Monster In My Head

Second Act. The characters talk about their internal demons and how everyone has this feeling that they’re different but ultimately they all come to terms with it and embrace the monsters in their heads.

Take What You Need

Second Act. Max is pushing Valarie away but she confesses her feelings for him. A song that symbolizes how people who are in love will sacrifice everything and are willing to do anything for the ones they love.

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